About Mike & Sally Aversa


About Aversa Estate Service...

Mike and Sally Aversa have been collectors and antique dealers for over 30 years and have provided professional estate sales and Certified Appraisals throughout Southern California for over 25 years! 

Mike and Sally are Certified Appraisers specializing in antiques, collectibles, fine art, and all household content.  Aversa Estate Service is a full service company providing everything from: professional set up and staging of the sale;  professional photographs of all sale items;  "proper" valuation and tagging all items; and full advertising on the Internet.   We also provide you with an Excel Spreadsheet for a full accounting of your sale!!   Following the sale, we work with our clients to determine the best way to dispose of remaining items, if any. 

We maintain a very large email list of qualified buyers, and use all forms of Social Media to promote your sale including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Intagram, several websites specializing in Estate Sales, and our Website. 

We work strictly on Commission  and there are never any "HIDDEN OR UPFRONT" fees and NO Hourly fees for Set up or Staging.  Our commission is taken from the Sale Proceeds.  

Consultation is ALWAYS FREE!

All sales, with complete photos, are featured on our Estate Sale website: AversaEstateSales.com.  We also feature your higher end items on our retail website AversaAntiques.com, or place them in the proper venue to obtain the best price possible for you.

Over the years, Mike & Sally have assisted hundreds of satisfied clients, including; Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Real Estate companies, Trustees, and others.

Aversa Estate Service is a Family Owned and Operated business!  We are personally onsite for every step of the set up, staging, and pricing.  And of course we are present at every estate sale!


A Thank You note from a couple of recent clients:

"Dear Mike and Sally:

This is a great big thank you for the wonderful service you provided in administering my aunt’s estate sale in Villa Park. I live in Northern California and when she passed away, as the trustee of her estate, I needed to fly to Orange County to ascertain what needed to be done.
It had been some time since I had last been there and forty years of accumulation just overwhelmed me.

You and Sally came to the house the same day I got to town and calmly went through the house taking pictures and explaining what the process would. You covered every detail and I left for home a few days later knowing that the house would be cleared out of furnishing via an estate sale and then a clean up crew would come by for anything left that did not sell. You even arranged for someone to “sweep” out the place. You explained the events that would take place leading up to the sale and that the photos of the contents of the house would be displayed on-line prior to the sale.

Everything happened as planned and on schedule. I am still amazed that you were able to take a very disheveled home (due to a long term illness) and organize everything so neatly. The on-line photos were great and after my initial visit with you, I never had to go back to the house. You and your staff took care of everything and the icing on the cake was today I received a complete list of what was sold and the price of each item. I also received a check.

My gratitude is boundless. You relieved me of a hugh burden at a very stressful time. You provide a wonderful service."

With thanks,
Sandra from Villa Park

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Aversa team. They are hardworking, honest,
fair, and experts at what they do. After my mother passed away, the thought of going through all
her things was overwhelming. I could not have done it without Mike and Sally and their team.
I would highly recommend them to anyone – and already have to many friends and family!"

Cathy of Costa Mesa

An EMAIL from one of our Regular Buyers:

Hi Aversa, I don't have a question, just wanted to write a short note and say how much I have enjoyed your last few sales. I attend sales regularly and have to say that from what I can see is that you have integrity and are trying to do whats best for your client while keeping your shoppers happy with fair prices. It seems now that so many estate companies have some what appear to be unethical practices such as cherry picking for themselves, running pre-sales, overpricing leaving too many items unsold or in some cases purposely just to turn around and liquidate to themselves for a second run for their own benefit, I don't see that with you. When I leave one of your sales I feel like I paid a reasonable price while helping the family liquidate the house. After all...isn't that the goal? This is a business with a delicate balance with your first fiduciary duty to the family, a reputation to protect, a clientele to build with return customers who want to follow every sale. When the time comes that I may need to refer a friend or family to an estate liquidator I will think of you....While I realize you understand all of this and that's why you are succesful, I just thought it might be nice to hear from a shopper who appreciates what you do...



Mike and Sally personally handle every aspect of your estate sale, and are always on the premises for
each and every sale.  Aversa Estate Sales also utilize their wonderful staff, including cashiers,
front door security, "Case and Small Item" attendants, room attendants, and personnel to assist
with the moving of furniture & other large items.


Aversa Estate Sales serves all of Orange County and Surrounding Areas including: 
Yorba Linda, Brea, Placentia, Fullerton, La Habra, Tustin / Cowan Heights, Orange, Huntington Beach,
Newport Beach, Laguna, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Diamond Bar, Buena Park, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim,
La Palma, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Cypress and all other Orange County Communities